meet our founder

Nanasei Opoku Sarkodie

With a vision to reach people and touch lives around the world with a heart of compassion.


Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie is an Apostle and a Prophet of God, whose ministry has contributed to the spiritual development of many people around the world. He is a revolutionary preacher with deep insight about the word of God and who understands how it can be proclaimed to appeal to the current generation. God has chosen Prophet Nanasei and sent him to minister to the people and deliver lost souls.

Prophet Nanasei’s dedication to the revival ministry is demonstrated by his active involvement in the work of Christ through organized weekly Friday All night prayers meets and conference such as Invasions around the world and weekly Sunday sermons, duties that he has diligently performed in Ghana for the last 21 years and over. His prophetic and faith-driven messages continue to influence many lives by shaping them for eternal life. He encourages everyone to live the victorious Christian life as he continually works towards bringing hope to people’s lives and directing them to walk in faith and holiness.

The Prophet is aware of the challenges facing the current generation of the youth. He believes that this is a special lot that should not be left alone to go astray but must be guided and continually encouraged in their Christian walk. He has created and developed the Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie Ministries (NOSM), which is an outreach Ministry that he uses to reach out to many youths in their respective learning institutions with the Gospel of salvation. The Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie Ministries’ (NOSM®) mission is to proclaim the message of hope, holiness, faith, and revival.

GOD has used him mightily in the Prophetic Office for deliverance, ministration of the word and in prayer sessions. All of these have shaped the destinies of millions of people all over the world and caused them to live a victorious Christian life.


In addition to his Ministerial work, Prophet Nanasei also enjoys writing books. He has authored many books covering various topics such as faith, fasting, deliverance, and healing. Some of his published works include, among others:


He is the founder of Praying Family Chapel and the World Prayer Centre, whose activities he oversees. The World Prayer Centre aims to champion economic revival across Africa and to proclaim the Gospel of hope to all people. He currently serves as the President of Nanasei-Sarkodie Ministries and Potter’s City in Miotso-Prampram, Ghana. Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie is married and lives with his lovely wife Lady Ivy Opoku-Sarkodie.