Give Today

Giving is the act of sharing with other people the hope and love of Christ in accordance with one’s blessings. We all agree that the world requires the kind of help and hope that comes from God Himself, though the truth is that God can only reach out to those who are in need through the help that we give them. Help us share the love and hope that the world yearns for by offering your support through monetary donations that will help meet the needs of the destitute, the poor, the orphans, women, the homeless, children, and other vulnerable members of society.

Be a generous and cheerful giver by supporting the work of Christ through your abilities, talents, and blessings. Jesus said that those who give to advance His course will be regarded as the people who visited Him in Hospital when He was sick, those who gave Him food when he was hungry, those who offered Him clothes to wear when He was naked, and those who gave him water to drink when he was thirsty. Thank you for heeding the call to help others regain their joy and hope. As you prepare to give always, remember that God loves a cheerful giver and rewards those who give wholeheartedly.

General Offering

Donations can be used to support all our work, in Ghana and the rest of the world, to help millions hear about God’s unconditional love and grace.

Building Fund

Your donation provides facilities, such as the various auditoriums, the prayer houses for retreats and the improvement of them for all the Potterian family around the world, other believers and anyone that attend potter’s City to have their lives changed

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